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Get Summer Ready Top Grooming Tips for Men

By: Lauren Walker- Lee

Hollywood award season has come to a close, and there was no shortage of incredible style, extraordinary moments and bright shiny stars who take beauty and self-care to a whole new stratosphere. And this is not reserved for women. This year, the red carpets from the awards season saw the men looking dapper, dressed to the nines, and groomed to perfection. The men looked slick, from Jason Momoa’s French braid to David Oyelowo’s distinguished beard.

With the stigma around men’s grooming exiting stage left, and the nice weather en route, we wanted to get tips from someone who knows best. Enter Richard Arnold, owner of Menicure, a space that is tailored to the men’s grooming experience. Though everyone and everybody is welcome, Richard has created a spot with the boys in mind. Located on Queen Street West in Toronto, the shop offers a slate of services, including manicures, pedicures, and hair removal needs. Comfortable lounge chairs, great music, a bar area, and individual televisions with their state of the art sound system round out the experience. So there was no one better person to ask when we wanted to dig a bit deeper into what’s going on in men’s grooming.

Here Richard spills the tea on trends, the celebs he thinks are doing it right, and his top five tips for self-care.

On the latest trends

Manicured nails and nail polish are on the rise amongst men. Just like seasonal colours traditionally appeal to women, men are also getting in on the fun.

Facials are a key component of the self-care game. Men are taking better care of their skin and choosing skincare for acne, pigmentation and anti-ageing

Manscaping – This is indeed an area that is being embraced and maintained. Keeping body hair neat and trim is rising to the top of the requested services.

His top five tips:

Regular manicures and pedicures are important for long-term hand and foot health.

Exfoliation is key for preventing in-grown hairs, folliculitis, and pigmentation.
Overall, self-care and taking time for your own needs are essential for mental health: you feel good when you look good.

Laser hair removal can be an excellent option for those that suffer from shave burn and in-grown hairs and is now available for all skin types.

If you’re new to the skincare game, DO make an appointment or consultation with an aesthetician for a facial so they can analyze and treat the skin and recommend products for your specific needs.

“We have a few sports stars (NHL & Toronto FC) that visit us for therapeutic foot treatments to assist in their elite level of play and hair removal to look and feel their best,” says Arnold.

So whether you are taking some time for yourself with a professional grooming session or self-caring at home for your maintenance, infuse the tips and trends that apply to you (and can safely be done at home). With spring about bloom, we need to seriously dust off those cobwebs and think about the impending summer sandal situation, with toes on show. Plus, expertly evaluate the amount of hair that may need trimmed and get ready to look your best this summer.

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