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Himalayas-Inspired Beauty Brand Launches in Canada


The century old formulas are synthetic free, vegan, and holistic – an all-natural approach to refined beauty regimes

Hymnologie, a newly founded all-natural, vegan, and holistic ayurvedic Canadian beauty brand announced the launch across Canada. Built on the century old rituals of Ayurveda to formulate sustainable products derived from nature, Hymnologie’s eight product offerings are inspired by the valleys of the Himalayas – which act as a barrier of protection for your skin, and harmony from the outside in.

Hymnologie is an exclusive collection of luxe Ayurvedic formulations that awaken senses and support the innate cellular wisdom to renew the skin and soul from the outside in. Rooted in skin science and natural purity from the valleys of the Himalayas, the eight-product skin care line is expertly crafted using authentic and minimal processing to ensure the effectiveness and potency of natural ingredients. All of Hymnologie’s products are ethically sourced from the Himalayas – 100% organic, plant- based, cruelty free and fair trade.

“Creating Hymnologie has been a journey of mine that started in my teens but was amplified while being pregnant with my first child, and wanting to find all-natural solutions to skincare,” states Jigyasa Sharma, co-founder of Hymnologie. “Since the skin is our biggest organ, I skillfully invested in the powerful practices of ancient Indian wisdom and recognized these rituals are primarily focused on true all-natural healing, with ingredients and materials that co-exist naturally with us on earth.”

Hymnologie products are formulated using cold processing, steamed distillation, and hand seething through muslin, with minimal processing to maintain the wholesome benefits and integrity of ingredients. This assures the quality, potency, and efficiency of these products. Derived from natural oils, flower extracts, and seed oils, including jojoba, black cumin, watermelon seed, turmeric, robusta coffee and more, Hymnologie helps to nurture skin while also internally strengthening and improving the texture with continual use.

Each anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient is sourced from organic farms at the foothills of the Himalayas through fair trade and ethically sourced methods; enlightening the senses to achieve perfect harmonious balance of internal and external elements. 

“I am deeply passionate about the harmony between nature and humanity, and know through the power of Ayurvedic rituals, our skin and beauty regimes can achieve the ultimate health.” Continues Sharma.

The product line-up includes a facial mist, two types of facial serums and face melt cremes, facial mask, eye cream and a body oil.

Hymnologie will be available across the country at www.hymnologie.com . A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to Hymnologie’s charitable partner, Legacy of Hope – a national Indigenous organization working to educate and create awareness and understanding about Canada’s Residential School system.

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